Monday, November 07, 2005

Congress Party Scam(s), yet another one unearthed !!

VOLCKER REPORT, yet another scam involving Congress, yet another denial by a morally corrupt party :

Since my childhood, I was taught in school that Congress party was mostly responsible for the hard earned freedom of India. I was also taught about the significant contribution of Gandhiji, Nehru and Indira Gandhi. Naturally, I grew up thinking that Congress is the saviour of this nation and the Nehru- Gandhi family has sacrificed everything for this nation.

The media during those days was Doordarshan and Newspapers and for obvious reasons the Governement could wield a lot of influence on what was selectively shown and what was not. My father who was a kid at the time of India's freedom was a witness to first hand information about the contribution made by other individuals; He used to tell me about other significant contributers to the freedom and growth of India.

Slowly I started finding about freedom fighters and nation builders like LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI. For various unforunate reasons Lal Bahadur Shastri died under mysterious circumstances and the government of India perhaps never really investigated his sudden death.

Then came the INTERNET.................a free source of information and facts. It brought to me immense information about other personalities in the freedom struggle and how we should not forget their contribution to the freedom struggle of India. A lot of the freedom fighters gave away their youth and families for this cause WITHOUT EXPECTING any power position in the government. Their families today are lost in the huge maze of commoners.

Since then I've been questioning the motives of Congress party that has been governing India for the past 50 years and still we're yet to make any significant progress on social front where CASTE/RELIGION BASED Politics rules the roost. ( Refer the recent discovery of a Caste Based list of Congress Candidates unearthed by the Media).

It is interesting that Congress party can be the MOST HYPOCRITICAL PARTY.....examine the statement of Mr. Jogi advicing other parties on "National Pride". He mentions that we should not trust the results of an enquiry conducted by a foreigner. One can only laugh out loud at the hypocritical stand of Congress party which Trusts a foreigner (Honorary Ms. Sonia Maino Gandhi) to run the Congress and remote control government functioning. Isn't it funny and deja-vu where Congress is trying hard and "perennially denying" any involvement in all the scams that have been unearthed till date.
A lot of us do not know that Ms. Sonia Maino Gandhi took citizenship of India with a lot of reluctance in year 1983 without renouncing her Italian antecedents for long. It took her 15 years of married life to decide and opt for Indian citizenship in the light that her husband was now a big political figure in India.

Media statements made by Mr. Jogi as below
Mr. Jogi said he was most concerned about the allegations made against the Congress. He said it was preposterous for anyone to suggest that the Congress purchased and sold oil, and took commission. "We challenge Mr. Volcker to produce even an iota of evidence.''
Also, he questioned the BJP's claim to `swadeshi' and wondered how a party which talks of "national pride'' could depend on a "so-called foreign enquiry conducted by a foreigner."
"If the BJP has any national pride, they should not take the support of an enquiry trashed by most self-respecting nations," Mr. Jogi said.

I share this feeling and my experience with everyone here so that the literate and educated class of young Indians (LIKE ME) who were fed with Congress sycophancy drips right from the childhood, start their search for the truth about our Freedom struggle. It is also a time where we should realise that the youth of India has a Big responsibility to "vote for the right set of people" who would usher India into the new era with aplomb, not with a series of corruption scams.

I conclude with a quote " History is written by the people in power ". What we read as kids and what we continue to read may not be the absolute truth and the wise would search for the streak of truth and material facts from the anals of historical events.


Blogger Swaroop C H said...

The problem is if we don't vote for the Congress or BJP, whom do we vote for?

If the Election Commission ever agrees to a no-vote option, I bet the majority votes would be for that option....

- Swaroop

9:25 AM  

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